The following blog post is about sending emails in/via Azure with C#. There are currently two […]
I’m currently implementing different Azure functions and these days I wanted to return a simple HTML […]
This is a cheat sheet for CRON expressions that are used in the time triggers for […]
The last days, I created a .net library that allows to read data from the Azure […]
A few weeks ago I published my first C# NuGet package. The package is a RSS […]
I already blogged about the package management module of the Powershell and how great and awesome […]
The first important thing to mention is, that there are two types of the Azure billing […]
The Azure Billing API allows to programmatically read Azure costs. On the one hand, there are […]
Let’s assume you have to read data from your on-premise network e.g. from a SAP, ERP […]
I already blogged about how to Automatically shutdown virtual machines in Azure. The previous post is […]

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