I already blogged about Azure functions, the billing API and a few other things. In this […]
Today I spent some time to explore the Microsoft Recommendations API. This API is part of […]
The last days I spent some time to port my NuGet packages (AzureBillingApi and FeedReader) to […]
In this blog post I’ll build a simple C# Azure function that returns an object as […]
If you want to programmatically translate text from one language to another, then the Translation service […]
The Face API which is part of the Microsoft Cognitive Services helps to identify and detect […]
The Computer Vision API which is part of the Microsoft Cognitive Services and helps to analyze […]
The following blog post is about sending emails in/via Azure with C#. There are currently two […]
I’m currently implementing different Azure functions and these days I wanted to return a simple HTML […]
A few weeks ago I published my first C# NuGet package. The package is a RSS […]

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