Kinsta is a hosting service for WordPress websites focusing on delivering high performance and a convenient […]
OPNsense is a great open source firewall with lots of plugins and support for wireguard, dynamic […]
Who isn’t tired of certificate errors at internal devices that serve a WebUI but don’t have […]
I maintain a few wordpress websites and every time I install multiple updates, I have to […]
Powershell is great for automation and if one wants to reset passwords or create new users, […]
I really like the Windows Terminal – an awesome tool which I use daily. Some time […]
If you are doing CTFs (capture the flags) – so online hacking challenges – you probably […]
One easy and good start to harden your website or web application is to configure the […]
In the last weeks, new guests in our Azure Active Directory / Office365 received the message […]
The new windows terminal is really great and offers many configuration options, even it is still […]