• Participants:
    • Product owner
    • Scrum master
    • Team members
    • Optional: stakeholders
  • Sprint goal and task board is visible for everyone
  • Presentations are prepared
  • Duration: 2 hours


  • Product owner opens the meeting and remembers the team of the sprint goal
  • Team presents the finalized backlog items (on a real system – no PowerPoint, screenshots etc.)
  • Product owner and end users are allowed to test the functionality on their own
  • Create new backlog items if:
    • changes are required for a feature
    • new ideas come up
    • bugs are identified
  • Goal: see a working solution, share the knowledge, check the backlog items (if it is what was expected), create new backlog items

Additional information

  • Preparation of the presentation of the backlog items is very important. You’ll loose a lot of time if those are not well prepared
  • Team shows the functionality to everyone, not only to the product owner