• Participants:
    • Scrum master
    • Team members
    • Optional: product owner, people who can support the team (architects, database experts, ….)
  • Sprint planning 1 done (selected product backlog)
  • pencils, whiteboard, flipchart, notebooks, …
  • Duration: 1 hour per sprint week (2 weeks sprint means 2 hours of planning 2)


  • Go through all backlog items
  • Discuss how to implement the backlog item
    • Architecture, design, coding, testing, reviews, interfaces, data access, documentation, deployment, meetings, learning new techniques, …
  • Create tasks and estimate them (tasks bigger than 1 day should be splitted into smaller ones)
  • If there are too much items in the sprint – remove them together with the product owner
  • If the team can do more backlogs – take the most important ones from the backlog and plan them together with the product owner
  • The team commits to the sprint backlog
  • Goal: Sprint backlog is defined, technical concepts are done, tasks are ready to implement

Additional information

  • Write down the decisions (we use X because of … and not Y because of …, etc. )
  • Team decides how they implement it